1. Here’s DeAngelo Williams waking his teammates up for no reason

    Don’t even attempt to sleep in Spartanburg:


  2. Here’s what a dead racetrack in Charlotte looks like from a drone.

    [h/t Bob Asbury]


  3. Here’s how a ninja’s standoff with CMPD ended, back in the day.


  4. Eleven Possible Click-Bait Headlines involving LeBron James, Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets

    1. Could LeBron James sign with the Charlotte Hornets?
    2. Is Michael Jordan brokering a secret 20-year-deal with LeBron James?
    3. Is Cam Newton pressuring LeBron James to sign with the Charlotte Hornets?
    4. LeBron James: Could it happen here? #HotTakes
    5. Can this miracle pill help you lose weight and also force LeBron James to sign with the Charlotte Hornets?
    6. Is Obamacare responsible for LeBron James leaving Miami and possibly signing a 30-year-deal with the Charlotte Hornets?
    7. Quiz: Which part of Mt. Holly will LeBron James live in when he signs a 40-year-deal with Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets?
    8. MY COLUMN: Would the Charlotte Hornets would be better off by NOT signing LeBron James?
    9. Who does this cat more closely resemble, Michael Jordan or LeBron James?
    10. Did Michael Jordan bring back the Charlotte Hornets name because he was convinced it would help him sign LeBron James?
    11. Slideshow: 20 times LeBron James wore teal and purple, obviously meaning he will sign a 50-year-deal to play for Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets

    (Answer to all: Probably not)

    -Jeremy Markovich

    pic via Getty Images


  5. If the Supreme Court finds that officers don’t have to know what the law is when they’re enforcing the law against us, that opens up a slippery slope of all kinds of situations where WE are expected to know the law, and we’re following the law, but we get stopped or pulled over or searched or detained for no legitimate reason.
    — -Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director of the ACLU of North Carolina, speaking about her organization’s filing of a brief in Heien v. North Carolina. The case is based on a 2009 traffic stop in Surry County, North Carolina in which the officer pulled over a car for only having one working brake light, searched it, then found cocaine inside. In North Carolina, having only one working tail light is legal.

  6. Money For Nothing, Fix for Free

    This weekend, The Charlotte Observer’s editorial page advocated for what sounds like a boring-as-hell change to the state’s campaign finance law. A bill (HB919) calls for campaigns and political action committees with finances above $10,000 to file their finance reports electronically, because filing them by paper makes for a lot of unnecessary work: 

    More than half the state’s 170 lawmakers have filed paper reports for the 2014 campaign season – reports disclosing campaign donations and how the money is used. Those too-often-illegible reports have the effect of obscuring long after the election who sought to curry the favor of legislators through donations. Lawmakers are effectively shielded from adequate public scrutiny with these paper reports.

    So, good. If the bill passes, paper reports and costly data entry by an understaffed State Board of Elections go away. Allegedly.

    I say allegedly, because right now, there’s no good way to submit reports electronically. The state had contracted with a software company, SOE, to create a program that would allow campaigns to do what HB919 is calling for. But, as we reported in May, the state never got the software it paid for:

    Another issue, however, was a $1 million payment to SOE in 2011 for a software application that would allow campaigns and political action committees to submit finance reports online. The software, which was an effort to reduce the amount of clerical work at the board of elections office, was never delivered, according to the state. [Board of Elections spokesman Joshua] Lawson said state law actually prohibits the board for paying for such software up front (a move that’s been scrutinized by state auditors), and the deal with SOE didn’t include a timeline for when the work would be completed.

    The dispute over the software was just one of many reasons why the state said it dropped SOE as a vendor. SOE was also responsible for the state’s stellar election night reporting page, which disappeared after the dispute. The Board of Elections tried to upfit an old in-house version, which was glitchy and often displayed the wrong results during this year’s May primary.

    But anyway, the state’s already spent $1 million that it wasn’t supposed to spend on a piece of software that, three years later, we may need but never got. If someone had been following the money then, it might be a lot easier to follow the money now.

    -Jeremy Markovich

    h/t @underoak, pic: brooklyntheborough via Flickr


  7. When Twitter cuts off your Instagram post at an unfortunate time.

    Here’s what she meant to say.


  8. Good morning, guy on 485.

    [pic: jager2ways via Instagram]


  9. That’s gonna make it hard to park.


  10. Mornin’, Hugo.