1. The media and Patrick Cannon.


  2. Charlotte hasn’t had a whole lot of air quality problems this year, so it was a bit surprising when a Code Red alert popped up yesterday. Colonel DENR, did you order the Code Red?

    You can’t handle the truth, DENR. You want me on that monitor. You NEED me on that monitor.


  3. Those aren’t the right Panthers, Cincinnati TV station

    The Panthers take on the Bengals in Cincinnati this weekend (Queen City vs. Queen City!). But Eastern Illinois University also happens to field a black and blue football team known as the Panthers. Hence, this made air on Cincy’s NBC station:

    Two possibilities:

    1. It was an honest mistake.

  4. Here’s a crude timelapse of the streetcar line being built on E. Trade Street, between Time Warner Cable Arena and the transit center. The CityLYNX Gold Line will run from here to Presbyterian Hospital when it starts running early next year.

    [h/t Bobby Sisk]


  5. Animals Have It Out For US Airways Flights To Charlotte

    First crabs, now bees:

    This has happened before:


  6. What the North Wilkesboro Speedway looks like today, via a drone.

    Jeff Gordon won the last NASCAR race held there in 1996.

    [h/t Bob Asbury]


  7. Oops.

    (via reddit/r/Charlotte)



  9. Here’s DeAngelo Williams waking his teammates up for no reason

    Don’t even attempt to sleep in Spartanburg:


  10. Here’s what a dead racetrack in Charlotte looks like from a drone.

    [h/t Bob Asbury]