1. Wait, Allen Iverson went on vacation in Charlotte?

    We talkin’ about Carowinds. Maybe.

    Allen Iverson, former NBA all-star and T.G.I. Friday’s regular, was in the news this week after his ex-wife accused him of abducting their five kids and holing up at a hotel in Georgia. But in court testimony, Allen said his wife had access to their kids the whole time, and Tawanna said she didn’t want to make the 45-minute drive to pick them up. The plot thickens, or at the very least, becomes murky.

    But the one fact to emerge from this is that Iverson said he took his kids on vacation from May 22-26. In Charlotte.

    Vacation. In Charlotte. Let that wash over you.

    [Loud clanging as CRVA Response Machine kicks on.]

    This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, since Iverson was spotted around Charlotte earlier this year, especially during the CIAA Tournament:

    No word on what, exactly, Iverson was doing here for so long, but it’s clear he was hanging out around town long before his vacation. You know why? Tell us.